Open Seven Days a Week – Border City Canada has live 24/7 answering service. We are here to assist in keeping your products and services moving. Keeping waiting times and operating costs low.

Turnkey Operations – From cooling to freezing and warehousing to North America -wide distribution, we are ideally positioned to manage your entire storage and distribution chain

Cold Storage – Border City Canada is home to many different sized and temperature controlled coolers and freezers. Whether your needs are for long term, short term or daily storage, we can accommodate any of your companies wishes with our state of the art refrigeration system.

Dry Storage – Border City Canada has plenty of Dry Storage and Distribution Capabilities. We can cut your storage costs with immediate access to and from the Canada/U.S. Border for Product Warehousing needs.

State of the Art Inventory Control – Our investments in software, bar coding, up to date internet inventory control and other innovative systems, enables us to provide immediate access to all your company's products.

Re-labeling – Border City Canada is Capable of Re-labeling all kinds of consumer Goods and can assist in correcting any labeling issues with U.S. Government Regulations and Label Approvals for importing and exporting products.

Rework – Let Border City Canada fix any product deviancies and goof ups at the fraction of the cost. Border City Canada has a human resource depth to take on any project whether temporary or long term, large or small.

Pick and Pack Services – Border City Canada can repackage and distribute your company's Product at a fraction of the cost with no warehousing or storage costs on your end

Cross-Docking Services – 5 miles from the border - We can help out with any urgent situations for logistic issues.