Complete CFIA Services for
Rapid Border Crossing

Border City Canada can assist your company in IMPORTING and EXPORTING goods through various Brokerage Houses. Having the right paperwork can make all the difference in Importing Products into the U.S.A. Paperwork Mistakes can cost your company lots of time and money. Brokers that operate 24 hours a day to ensure product efficiency and the know how of importing products into USA. Dependability makes all the difference.

CFIA Meat Inspection

Border City Specializes in CFIA Meat Inspection Services

We can ensure that your load is fit for your customer's wants, before it is too late or more costly to your company.

We can Inspect:
- Canned Goods
- Fresh and Frozen Loads
- Large Combo Loads

We specialize in the correction of labeling.

A Quick and Innovative Product Tempering System

* State of the Art thawing systems in order to provide you the most expedited frozen load inspection service in America

24 hour Instant Response System - in order to keep the Load Moving.